Another problem with

family pictures can be nudity. As parents we
get used to seeing our young kids without clothing. Few people see any real
Issue with photographing our own kids at bath time or sprawling naked on a
Carpet, but the authorities may. There have been a number of cases where processing
Laboratory staff have contacted authorities over images they have found. In the UK one
television personality discovered herself being charged by the police and her name
Sally Mann
Most photographers at least will be acquainted with the excellent work of Sally Mann,
large-format photographs made in collaboration with her young and frequently nude
exploitation of her children, although I find this difficult to take seriously.
Surely people who are acting improperly towards their offspring are unlikely
to publish photographic evidence.
Mann’s work is wonderful, and shows a good deal about the feelings and love in
between them. is difficult to comprehend how anyone can find this offensive. It’s
Nevertheless we do need to be aware that there are folks around who take a more
negative view, and also laws that we must take notice of. In addition , there are ill
Folks who may view graphics of kid nudity in distinct ways to us. It is an
area where some caution is required as to what’s revealed and where.
Many other photographers have also worked with their own families. Among those
whose work appears to me to be strongest are Emmett Gowin and Nick Waplington (see
Do not miss out
Nevertheless I’d feel I ‘d missed an opportunity if I ‘d not photographed the
events in my personal life when my children were young – and part of this are all the
Tasks of parenthood, bathing, feeding, changing and so on. These are a part
of my photographic archive, although there are likely some that I’d desire
to keep secret among family and friends for various reasons. Others I am joyful
to reveal in public.
Nudity as revealed in pictures such as this is rarely unacceptable, as neither the
faces nor any genital regions of the subjects are revealed. ( Peter Marshall, 1980)
Holiday times give us more time with friends and families, and the tactic of a
and friends surely the most important. It seems natural that they should have an
important part in the work of any photographer. For me they have been the
starting point for an investigation of photography that’s led me out in many and
varied directions.
Body painting is a form of expression
used by individuals who enjoy to be nude to communicate feelings and ideas about the
human body by using the body itself as the canvas. Such ideas may sometimes be
of a sexual nature, but that is just a small part of the potential range of
Ideas that can be expressed this way.
It should not be really
surprising that those who like to be naked also like to paint bodies or have
their own painted. It truly is a fairly common pastime at nudist/naturist gatherings
and events, and other joyful occasions where nude people are located. makes a
pretty great canvas for creative expression. In reality, the expanded possibilities
for self expression that are possible when one does not wear clothes kind
Among the chief attractions of being naked for some people.
What people who are
interested in the body as an expressive medium have in common with those who
just like to be naked is a specific disposition towards the body. An approach that
is more detached and objective than “regular”. An attitude that tolerates, without
flinching, the body for what it’s, and then uses it to realize fresh notions of
Is body painting an erotic
Matter? Certainly, it can be, just as certain selections in clothing can be sensual.
Nevertheless, it need not be any more sensual than other, non-sensual sorts of
appreciation of the body for its own benefit.
Body painter I feel it’s important that you consider the Health and Safety
Facet of what you are doing. Some of the comments are recommending non-cosmetic
art supplies and products to be used on the skin. This is an extremely unadvisable
thing to do. I ‘ve approached many art supplies manufacturing companies and been told in
no unclear terms that the products AREN’T safe for use on human skin!
Using art merchandises on a
model which have not been analyzed and OK’d could lead to a significant law suit