Can it be the bare beach experience I ‘ve always fantasized about? Not necessarily. Naturally, I did not anticipate that much from this vacation, and maybe next time, someplace such as Cap D’Agde would make a more appropriate destination. This vacation was far from the perfect eyesight I had in mind. But it’s definitely a part of the right path. I’ve come quite a distance from skinny dips snuck at night.

And one thing for sure, it’s good to understand that I have the local option.
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Component 5 of My Naturist Site Series: Out of the Nudist Closet and Into Naked Paradise
Finding Nude or Nudist Paradise
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Well, my second favorite word, the first being nude. But since naked can mean nearly anything, I sought under “naturist” and came up with Paradise Lakes Resort in Land O’ Lakes, Florida.
“Can you go nude there?” I asked her. “Really? Like . . . wherever you desire? Really? The entire time? Awesome!” OK, perhaps I did not say wonderful, but that was how I felt.
Only trouble? I needed to be 18. But despite not being able to go, simply understanding a place existed where individuals were free to go naked made me happy. But telling a twelve year old to wait six years is like telling an adult to wait 600.
Finding Nude or Naturist Paradise
Flash forward a decade, I ‘m twenty-two and just finished Saint Petersburg Junior College, and my family life has drastically transformed. , who had been a workaholic since 1952, finally built his dream house.
This, of course, had to resemble the Parthenon, with two story columns and an immense front door we’re able to never open and a private backyard that looked like the Garden of Eden.
Unfortunately, my parents were old and tired and spent much additional time at home. Other than sitting on my nude behind in front of my Amiga, the isolation I once enjoyed was no more. All I ‘d to look forward to were summer excursions to the islands.
naturist story – Finding Naked or Nudist Paradise
If you would have seen my University of South Florida I.D. card, you would have thought I was trying to pass myself off as [add dark skinned stereotype here]. Usually, I’m more Germanic looking than Greek, but I’d spent about a month on the island of Mykonos risking skin cancer. Free body tourism in Greece, nevertheless, was on the decline.
One night, while counting the months till summer, it occurred in my experience to type, “nudist resort, Florida” into my America Online web browser. Lo and behold, the resort I’d called ten years previously popped up. Why I’d never thought to do this before is beyond me. I checked the address, assuming it must be situated in some remote part of the Everglades, but God, it appears, really desired me to stay a nudist.
I commuted an hour to school every day, and the route was convoluted. What I hadn’t realized was that I was driving by the largest nudist resort in the state, for months, every damn day.
The idea of joining a resort was a lot like taking that first shower without locking the door. For almost a decade I considered myself a naturist, but never talked to anyone who could say the same.
The folks on the seashores spoke Swedish and German and were generally being intimate with their partners. I stressed that in discovering other naturists, I might discover that they were nothing like I imagined, all hippies or rednecks, or sex-crazed weirdoes.
Driving around the checkpoint, like those used in gated communities, a middle aged woman checked me over like I was a secret agent. Without mentioning nudism, she asked, “Have you been here before?”
“Do you realize what this place is?”
“Yes, of course.”
But you will need to take the day tour!”