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Nudie Lee Tackles the question of how to get non naturist buddies to attempt Nudism:
Q.Dear Nudie Lee, How do we get our non fkk buddies to join us at a naturist resort or at least to try naturism without freaking them out?
Assuming your friends are in on the full naturist thing you have got going on, the most suitable choice is selecting a clothes-optional resort. It will give them the option to participate in all actions in the comfort of their digs, and it’ll enable you to walk around in your birthday suit.
There is absolutely no method to ease a pal into seeing you nude and in all your glory, so picked your journey buddies shrewdly. do not want to alienate your dearest friends.
Nudie Lee Talks About Becoming non nudist Buddies To Strive Nudism
In case your companions are willing to spice it up and join you, I’d suggest you avoid cruises.
Always remember that were taught to be ashamed of their nude bodies and that nudity equals sex. Your friends love you for who you’re, fkk or not. If they are not comfortable with the thought, respect that. If you certainly need to travel with them, you might need to pack a bathing suit and join them at the resort of their choice!
In , merely follow the sun, conquers the winter blues.
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