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Mexican Nudist Resort Playa Sonrisa:
Nudist Resort Mexico- For people who loathe winter and dearly miss being nude outdoors in sunlight, Mexico is certainly a destination to contemplate in late December (and practically any other month of the year).
Attractive beaches on the ocean, gulf, and sea with warm tropical weather throughout the year, and there you have one choice for escaping a winter hideous-land.
After some distressed seeking for an inexpensive last minute deal at a nudist resort abroad (not so simple to find this year), we eventually found Playa Sonrisa, a clothing optional resort on the Caribbean Sea coast of Mexico.
Nevertheless, don’t let the additional travel time deter you because I can ensure that it’s well worth the excursion.
Playa Sonrisa is small and secluded. If you’re buying a peaceful naturist resort in Mexico, this an ideal place to escape from everything!
With six beachfront guest rooms on the property, you can always find quiet and not feel overcrowded. We stayed in a “Beachfront Bungalow,” a bed and bathroom in our own private hut, situated on the sand and close enough to the water for a constant sea breeze.
We had the chance to tour their “Villa Sonrisa” next door made up of modest apartments completely furnished with a kitchen and living room and allowed for returning guests only. The Villa also offers a patio and bar on the rooftop with a great view. These apartments are friendly, so I mightn’t hesitate to return.
Fantastic Nudist Resort Mexico – Playa Sonrisa
Several steps from our door, the sea could easily occupy an entire day with skinny-dipping, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, or just curling up with a novel while sunbathing naked on the plage. Just beyond their dock are miniature coral reefs to discover with angel fish, lobsters, and a slew of other types of little tropical sea creatures.
These reefs, shielded within a marine reserve, are especially healthy and vibrant.
I took their introductory class as a first-time diver, and had a surreal new encounter in my first 40-foot dive.
Mealtimes at the resort were scheduled for 2-3 hour increments each day, day and nighttime, and the food was excellent. Continental breakfast was included with the room, while lunch and dinner were at an added, but very fair cost.
Highlights were the tasty home made muffins and b read , Mexican lunch fare like quesadillas, and the creative, inventive soups served at dinner. Food was served in their enchanting pub and restaurant with tables inside and outside on the porch. The pub is open all day and operates on the “honor system,” so guests can help themselves to drinks between mealtimes and just keep a tab.
Overall, Playa Sonrisa had more of a bed-and-breakfast vibe than the usual resort, but this really is not a bad thing. Over the course of our stay we had the delight of getting to know the owners, Donn and Cindy Murphy who are such warm, down to earth individuals and make you feel right at home.
Plus, among its best features is how affordable it is.
What it comes down to is that if you should be buying a glitzy resort with five naked swimming pools, this isn’t it. If you’re looking to completely kick back, relish the simple delights of sand and sea with no clothing or worries, Playa Sonrisa might be the perfect alternative.
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